Khir Ganga – Natural Hot Water Springs

Khirganga is a well-known tourist destination located at Manikaran. Khirganga is situated in Parvati Valley at a distance of 22 km from Manikaran. For Khirganga, one has to go by motor-able road up to a place called ‘Barshaini’ and from there to Khirganga on foot. This trek leads through hilly terrain. This is the place where ‘Kartik Ji’, the elder son of ‘Lord Shiva’ remained in ‘samadhi’ for thousands of years.

Kheer Ganga is one of the most refreshing treks that you can go on anywhere. The natural hot-water-spring experience is something that you will remember for a lifetime. Most people who reach this place always come back for seconds as there you can simply not get enough of such a place. The place is open for about 7 months in a year and is not permanently inhabited.

It is said that the white water of the hot springs has medicinal properties. Etymologically, the name ‘khirganga’ came from the white water of the Hot Springs. The spring water gets its creamy white colour from the sulphur present in it, which floats up to the surface.Mantalai, famous for its scenic naturalistic beauty, located at a short distance of 2 km from Khirganga, also attracts visitors to the place.Pulga, which features a stunning view of River Parvati and snow white mountains is also linked with Khirganga via a trekking route.

From Khirganga to the site of Tunda Bhuj (3285m) the Parvati Valley cuts a steep-sided gorge through the mountains and as the altitude increases, the thick, coniferous forest gradually makes way for patches of meadowland scattered with boulders. Several tributaries join the main Parvati River and numerous waterfalls cascade down the steep valley sides. Beyond Tunda Bhuj, the conifers continue only as far as the Basuki Nal tributary but groves of silver birch continue to line the valley, quickly becoming sparse as the altitude increases.

Kullu-Manali Airport at Bhuntar: 45 km by road + 11 km trek on foot.

By Road

Kullu town: 55 km + 11 km trek on foot.

By Train

Nearest Railhead is joginder nagar 175 km + 11 km trek on foot.

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