Mata Maheshwari Ahju Garh

माता महेश्वरी ( ऐहजू गढ़ )

At the border of mandi and kangra districts on the mandi-panthankot road, there is an important temple Maheshwari Devi in village Ahju. It is believed that once a great brahman devotee Mani Ram had a dream in which the goddess told him that she was buried in the castle for a long time and wished to come out and be enshrined in a temple. Next morning Mani Ram told the villagers about his dream. They went to place shown in his dream, excavated the place and soon found the idol of the Devi. They installed the idol and worship again.The temple is situated and the idol of the Devi enshrined in one of the two old garhas (fort) and goddess is, therefore, more popularly known as Garhwali Mata. These garhas have their own history to tell.

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