Kasauli – The Beautiful Hill Station

Kasauli is one of the best hill stations in Northern India with a calm and serene setting. In fact, it attracts tourists from different corners of the world and simply makes people speechless!

It is built at 2000 meters, and the entire hill station is embedded by beautiful orchards, picturesque facades, alley paved with different kinds of cobblestones and even many eye catching gardens. There are so many attractions here that one would indeed be thrilled with the different places here.

Some of the popular tourist Places in Kasauli include:

Monkey Point
This is the highest point located in Kasauli and is located at a distance of about 2 miles from the main city. This point is located amidst the beauties of nature, and there is also a mythological significance of this place. It is believed that Lord Hanuman, stepped his foot on this hill, and a temple had also been built dedicated to him.

Khetarpal Marg
Though this is not visited by many tourists, yet it is open to people. The locals of this place consider it to be a haunted house, where after 8:30 at night, footsteps of the ghosts can be found. However, no people had experienced such situations.

Baba Balak Nath Temple
This is situated at the top of the Graner Hill. It is believed that childless couples who visit here are generally blessed with a child.

Located at the distance of just 6 km from the main Kasauli town, it is an beautiful place where you will also find the 100-year-old Lawerence School that is considered as one of the best schools in the country.

Kasauli Brewery
The Kasauli Brewery and distillery, founded in the 1820s before the establishment of the Kasauli cantonment, is the oldest extant distillery for ‘scotch whisky’ in Asia.The Kasauli brewery is also known as Mohan Meakins.

Central Research Institute
The Central Research Institute (CRI), originally the Pasteur Institute of India, was established at Kasauli in 1904 under its first director Sir David Semple, as an institute working in the fields of immunology and virological research. The CRI works as a World Health Organization ‘Collaborating Centre’, and as an immuno-biological laboratory producing vaccines for measles and polio, and the DTP group of vaccines. It also provides a Master of Science programme in Microbiology.

Other attractions in Kasauli
Lower and Upper Mall, Sunrise Point, TV Tower, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Baptist Church, Kasauli Club, Nahri Devi Mandir etc.

Best time to visit
You can visit Kasauli throughout the year but avoid rainy session, so best time to travel Kasauli is between April to Jun and September to November.

Kasauli is full of resorts, from 4 stars to budget hotels and lodges that makes comfortable stay in the city.

How to Reach

By Air The nearest airport is Chandigarh located 60 km away.

By Rail Nearest railhead is Kalka in Haryana, which is 40-km from Kasauli.

By Road Kasauli are well connected to most nearby cities by buses and taxis.

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