Rewalsar Lake – Famous for its seven floating islands of reed

Rewalsar lake

Rewalsar Lake is at an altitude of 1360 m in district Mandi, 25 km from Mandi town. The lake has dark waters and is shaped liked a square and has a shoreline of 735 m. The lake is situated on a mountains spur and has lush foliage all around it. Rewalsar, like many of Himachal Pradesh landmarks has a fair share of legend surrounding it and the lake is held sacred by Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. Padmasambhava, the great Tantric and Buddhist Monk fled to Rewalsar from Tibet, using all his power to do so.

After he came, small islands made by floating reeds appeared on the surface of the lake. It is on these that the spirit of Padmasambhava is said to reside. It was Padmasambhava who brought the Mahayana form of Buddhism, in which Buddha is worshipped as God rather than as a teacher to this part of the country. Rewalsar is also home to three gompas or Buddhist Monasteries and three Hindu Temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and to Rishi Lomas. There is also a small zoo near the lake and Kunt Bhyog Lake above Rewalsar Lake. Six other lakes in the area are the ones mentioned in the Mahabharata and the Pandava brothers are said to have escaped the house of wax when it was on fire through these lakes. All in all, en exciting, story-filled place to visit.

Rewalsar lake has different species of fishes in large count. Due to being a sacred place, fishing is prohibited here. Its really amazing to see these fishes.Lake is really beautiful. Bollywood Movie “Baadal” was shot here.

The forest department maintains a small zoo at Rewalsar. Above Rewalsar, the ‘Seven Lakes’ are also of interest.

Best time to visit

All the year round.

How to Reach

Air: The nearest airport is Bhuntar about 57-km from Mandi.

Rail: The broad gauge railhead is at Pathankot, a distance of 210-km. From Pathankot the narrow gauge railway connects Joginder Nagar, which is 55-km fromMandi.

Road: 25 kms from Mandi is well connected by road to other places. The main bus stand is just above an open playing field, where the National Highway- 21 continues along the left bank of river to Pandoh.

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