• Pathankot Jogindernagar rail line.
  • Shanan Hydel Project.
  • 11 km. long Haulage ride.
  • Macchyal lake.
  • Bassi Power House.
  • Trolley Lines from Barot to Shanan Power House and Chhaprot (where the reservoir for the second stage is located) to Bassi Power House, along the water pipes to Shanan & Bassi Power Stations, only two of its kind are there in whole world. Made by Col. Battye, this trolley system is known as Haulage Trolley system.
  • Bir.
  • Billing.
  • Jhatingri.
  • Barot.
  • Baijnath.
  • Shanan Power House in Jogindernagar is the first HyroElectric dam of India and perhaps one of the oldest dams all over the world.
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