Annual Fair

There is a large number of major and minor fairs or festivals held in the state of Himachal Pradesh. They have an educational, social as well as religious character. These serve the needs of social integration not only for economic sustenance but also for cultural survival. Generally the fairs are held at such a time when the people are free from their household engagements.

Fairs give them an opportunity to purchase and sell needed articles. Traders from far and near join these festivals to display articles like clothes, wool, pashmina, furs, leather, hides and skins, pottery, metal ware, jewellery, ornaments, fruits, vegetables and many other local products coming from the homes and fields of the ruralities. Fairs in Himachal Pradesh have very positive role to play in social life. Himachal is a land of Devi and Devtas – land of gods and most of the fairs are of mythological nature. But to keep on rhythm in various walks of life, fairs have occupied predominant role and aquired varied dimensions, such as trade, agricultural, seasonal and fairs connected with festivals etc. So intensive the fairs hava become, that people of all shades and interests participate in large numbers. There is hardly any village where no fair is held. There is almost continuous succession of fairs. 

Joginder Nagar Annual Fair

This fair is held in first week of the month of April.The fair starts and culminates(5-6th day) with “Dev Pooja” in which number of gods and goddesses from sorrounding areas are brought in their “Raths” and worshiped. Devotees carry them(gods and goddesses) on shoulders amidst melodious religious songs and people pray and wish. The fair continues for 5-6 days, with great fun and frolic.

Annual fair photos

Devs in Fair

Devs procession in the main baazar

View of Mela(Fair)

Kids enjoing in Mela

View of Mela(Fair)
Photos by Sanjay Sharma

More Photos coming soon. Stay tuned..

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