Other places

Bassi Power House (6km)

The generation cost of Bassi Power Project at Jogindernagar is the cheapest in the country. Its capacity is 60 MW.

Herbal Garden and Museum (0.5 km)

This is the largest herbal garden in North India situated at a distance of 0.5 km from the bus stand. A single lane road called Cinema Road connects it with the town. You can gather a lot of information about herbal plants, rare herbs and others plants of medicinal use. One must visit the Herbal Museum dedicated to all rare herbs.

Chauntra (10km)

This temple at Banderi peak (5225) is held sacred to Goddess Banderi. People from distant villages come for the completion of their prayers. A big public lunch locally called as Bhandara or Jag is held in Navaratra period. Half a km from this temple is Kila Karanpur Fort made by Raja Joginder Sen.

Banar Baba Temple (12 km)

A temple at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level is held sacred to Banar Baba or Baba Balaknath and situated in Banar village at a steep rocky mountain. It is said that various kind of skin diseases can be cured by taking bathe near a waterfall in Banar village.

Brajeshwari Temple (13km)

This temple is popularly called as Gada wali mata Temple situated at an altitude of 4776 feet is held sacred to Goddess Brajeshwari. Thousand of people every year come to pray Goddess. Ancient time forts are also there and a small fair is held in Navratra Period. From this place one can see over the areas of Mandi, Kangra and Hamirpur district.

Baijnath Temple (20km)

20 km from Joginder Nagar is this exquisite temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped as Vaidyanath – The Lord of Physicians’. The original temple was built in 804 A.D. Here King Ravana is said to have supplicated Lord Shiva for this boon of immortality. More information available at www.baijnathtemple.com

Chaturbhuja Temple (25km)

This is a very ancient temple said to be built by Pandavas is situated at an altitude of 4,830 feet held sacred to Goddess Chaturbhuja, a form of Goddess Durga, is situated in Basahi Dhar. Its an enchanting temple along with 100 feet high TV tower. A big fair is held here in Navaratra Period.

2 km far and in front of the temple the temple of mata Ashapuri is situated.Mata Ashapuri fulfills the prayer of her devotees . Devotees visit this temple and do the thanks when their prayers are fullflled . The temple is situated on the top of hill and this place is open in all dircetions.Three mobile phone tower do the function of hoisting the Mata’s flag (jhandi). This temple and its surrounding areas are worth seeing . 1/2 km far from this temple are two open natural grounds which give the look of paradise. A small lake attracts the birds even from siberia.

Siqandar Dhar and Forts (15km by road, 3km by trekking)

Siqandar Dhar is one of the highest peaks of Jogindernagar lying at 6010 feet from sea level and is a small mountain range of 30 km from North-west to South-east. Certain beautiful villages, temples and fort are lying here. Thick rhododendron forests can be found home to various wildlife species. The gorgeous Jogindernagar is simply described as The City of Powerhouses’.


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