Jogindarnagar is located at 31.59°N 7646°E / 31.98°N 76.77°. It has an average elevation of 1,010 metres (3,314 feet).

Himachal Pradesh, India


In winter the temperature can hover just above freezing point when heavy woolens are required. During summer, the climate is mild and light woolens / cottons are recommended.

Season Details

  • Season Timings Average Temperature Range
  • Spring – Mid February to late March 12° C to 20°C
  • Summer – Mid April to late June 16° C to 28°C
  • Rainy – Late June to late September 18° C to 26°C
  • Autumn – October to late November 16° C to 24°C
  • Winter – Late November to mid March 08° C to 14°C

Topography, Flora & Fauna

Jogindernagar lies in between lower Himalaya and Mid Himalaya. The altitude of Jogindernagar ranges between 900 m to 2800 m. The altitude of the city is 1220 m. The weather and climate remains cool in Winter and mild and warm in summer season. JOGINDER NAGAR lies between two small Himalayan Ranges. In the North-East of city beyond Winch Camp Range lies Nargu Wild Life Sanctuary home to the ghoral, Himalayan black bear, leopard, Monal, kite, eagle, snakes, monkey, kasturi deer, wild cat, nilgai, kakkar and a variety of pheasants covering a total area of 278 sq. kilometers. The sanctuary is the home to various varieties of wild animals, pheasants, lizards and birds. Most of the area of Joginder Nagar is covered with forests, trees and locally grown crops. The nature of water is hard because of coming from high altitude peaks.

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