Tehsil Persons Males Females
Joginder Nagar 75,675 36,555 39,120
Lad Bharol 25,404 11,452 13,952
Mandi 1,92,370 97,616 94,754
Sunder Nagar 1,01,437 51,976 49,461
Karsog 83,379 41,796 41,583
Chachyot 50,435 25,247 25,188
Thunag 44,106 22,287 21,819

The majority of Joginder Nagar’s population consists of natives of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab who work in Shanan Power House currently under charge of Punjab State Electricity Board. The major religions followed in the town are Hinduism, Sikhism and Tibetan Buddhism, along with a small percentage of Christians and Muslims. A majority of Tibetan Buddhists and monks live in the settlements near village Chauntra. The major languages spoken in the area are Hindi and dialects of Pahari. The dialect of western pahari used in the region varies from Mandyali to Kangri because of closeness to Kangra district. The other languages spoken and understood by majority of population are Punjabi and English.

जोगिन्दरनगर की लेटेस्ट न्यूज़ के लिए हमारे फेसबुक पेज को